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Entertainment Broker and Consultant

Helping large and small event creators Procure, Cultivate and Create Dream Entertainment Experiences.

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Magical Memories Entertainment

The hardest part about planning any event is

  1. Finding the best talent to create the right experience that fits your event's unique needs while staying on budget.

  2. Building a highly qualified team that understands your vision and is able to execute it the way it needs to be done.

  3. Dealing with the stresses of the ever changing events landscape filled with new rules, cancellations and unanticipated challenges.

With extensive event experience and a broad talent base Magical Memories Entertainment is dedicated to making your event less stressful and more successful.

No-one can specialize in everything which is why Magical Memories Entertainment has gathered a pool of premier event professionals who specialize in a large assortment of entertainment styles and event skills. With specialists in different areas, Magical Memories Entertainment has become the one stop for any event host.

Magical Memories Entertainment is proud to provide elite customer service while working with you to personalize a one-of-a-kind event experience tailored to your unique style. 

Since 2005 the Magical Memories team has entertained over half a million guests at thousands of events all over the world and is ready to bring that experience to your next affair!


What Kind Of Event Are You Hosting? 

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