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Magical Memories Entertainment has a team of mind-blowing mind benders who will stun your most mindful guests. Our Mentalists will utilize many skills ranging from cold reading; which utilizes observational skills to study micro-expressions of an audience member and deduce truths that a perfect stranger couldn’t possibly know; to skillful mental manipulation that lead participants down one path while simultaneously procuring a surprising result.


We offer two differ Mentalist Options:

Walk Around Mind Bending:

Our performers can mingle throughout your event using subliminal techniques and all sorts of sleight of hand trickery to read the minds of people in the crowd! This is the perfect form of entertainment to break the ice during cocktail hour and keep guests engage and entertain throughout the evening.

Mental Shenanigans Stage Show:
Our world class team of Mentalists can perform a formal show that is full of energy where our performers use mentalism tricks, psychology and body language reading to wow guests and leave them mind bent as to how the performers were able to reach into their mind!

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