Virtual Game Shows


Looking for a fun way to connect with remote participants? Magical Memories Entertainment has developed fun virtual games that can be hosted on Zoom, social media livestream and other meeting platforms.

You can either create a unique virtual game show experience by picking different games that will seamlessly meld together into a multiple round tournament, have multiple games running in different rooms for guests to choose from or select your favorite individual game to be played the entire event.


No matter what option you pick, you will receive a time tested experience that has been specifically designed for the virtual space with a professional virtual event host. ​

  1. Virtual Trivia Game Shows: 
    Do your staff think they know it all? Give them a chance to prove it with our Virtual Trivia Game Shows.

    • How It Works:

      • A professional trivia host who will moderate and read out the questions.

      • Multiple rounds of multiple choice and fill in the blank trivia questions.

      • Choose from our list of over 400 pre-made trivia topics.

      • 1 custom “bonus round” all about your organization.

      • The questions will appear on screen as well as live on the answer cards.

      • Participants can access answer cards on a web browser. (no app required).

      • Leader-board with all guests’ names will appear on screen in real time.

      • Games can be branded with logo, name and event information.

  2. Virtual Team Trivia Game:
    ​Virtual Team Trivia creates a comfortable team environment and brings more human interaction to virtual work force. This program will help teams connect with each other by working together to answer questions as fast as possible in order to gain more points than other teams. This game is a fun way to help employees feel part of a community and leads to higher employee morale and retention!

    • How It Works:

      • Teams will be split in to breakout rooms and asked to assign a team leader.

      • Team leaders will share their screen and be responsible for submitting questions.

      • A host will open the game, explain the rules and check in with all the teams. 

      • You will get to select from a list of over 400 pre-made trivia topics

      • We can add a custom “bonus round” all about the organization

      • The questions will appear simultaneously on all screens

      • A live leader-board with show the rankings in real time.

      • Games can be branded with logo, name and event information.

  3. Virtual Escape Room:
    Imagine you're on a zoom call and all of a sudden you're whisked away, almost as if by magic, to a new room, with a random group of people that is called a "Break Out Room." You then receive a link that takes you to a virtual world where magic is real, chaos is reality and everything seems to be a riddle or puzzle. A master magician appears before you to reveal what has happened and explains that you have to work with your new team to find a way out before your time is up and your "Break Out Room" disappears. Can you make it out before time is up?


  4. Circle of Prosperity: (a wheel of fortune style game)
    Circle of Prosperity is a fun word guessing game, similar to “Wheel Of Fortune.” Three contestants play at a time and after each puzzle, contestants will rotate. Several surprises are in store for players when we spin the virtual wheel, like bankrupt and lose a turn. This game can be customized to any theme or person by using slogans, catchphrases, favorite movies and shows. 


  5. Video BINGO: (Tv Scenes, Music Videos, Movie Clips or Customized Videos)
    We take the game of bingo to the next level with a high energy bingo caller and fun onscreen video calls. Each player gets their own unique interactive virtual bingo card that is sent to their email or players can get a card generated instantly via a common link shared in the chat.

    • Use For Fundraising:

      • Unique bingo cards allow you to charge for individual bingo cards.

      • We can add a logo or message to before each call to allow for bingo call sponsors.

      • We can play a short video before a round to let a round to be sponsored.

      • We can add a name to the top of the card as the “Card Sponsor.”

      • We can add a short phrase as the “FREE CALL” to allow for a free spot sponsor.

    • Gamify Your Content:

      • We can create custom videos with your important messages that are used as the "BINGO Call." This is the perfect way to keep your group engaged throughout the whole program because participants have to pay attention to each video to see if that video has the word on their BINGO card.

  6. The Emoji Game:
    A sequence of emojis popup on the screen and every player has to simultaneously guess what those emojis represent. When everyone has submitted answer our host with revel the guesses and acknowledge the most unique ones. After the laughter subsides our host will reveal the correct answer. Whoever gets the most correct wins!


  7. Murder Trivia:
    Murder Trivia is a “killer” game. Our trivia host will arrive “dressed” as a famous serial killer, use a creepily fun voice to ask questions and play a verity of sound effects. All players will be asked to turn their camera’s on and one by one will be asked timed questions. If players answer incorrectly or run out of time they will be “eliminated” and camera shut off. Last player remaining wins.


  8. Zoom Simon Says:
    Ever wonder who can follow directions best? Bring in our fast-talking professional Zoom Simon Says MC to put your staff to the test. We will have your guests moving, laughing and having fun with a face paced virtual game of Simon Says. Those not currently playing are charged with being the "spotters" whose job it is to call out other players when they don't follow directions. Our callers will keep the games moving quickly and keep your guests engaged with this high energy Simon Says Program!


  9. Zoom Scavenger Hunt:
    Get your guests up, moving, thinking fast and laughing with a fast-paced search around their house for an assortment of interesting items. Our team can customize this game to fit any theme or utilize key information. We can also limit the game to just items within arm’s reach if you don’t want participants running around their homes.


  10. Name That Tune:
    Get your audience excited with this age-old game of Name That Tune! Our host will play a famous song and the first player to drop the chat wins! If they are correct, they will choose the next round category.


  11. Finish The Lyrics:
    Put your audience to the test and see if they know their music lyrics. Our host will present a song lyrics pm screen and everyone will have a chance to answer. and ask the audience to finish the lyrics. Whoever gets the most correct wins!


  12. Zoom Charades:
    Charades is a an amazingly fun game that works perfectly over any video conferencing platform. Our host will split your group into two teams and provide one word and phrase for a chosen person to act out. Their teammates have one minute to figure out the phrase.


  13. Clash Of The Families: (a family feud style game)
    Wow your guests with this interactive, virtual game show where this is no right answer and participants are tested on how well they can guess what the most popular answer is. This fun game is high energy and super interactive!


  14. Zoomed In Photo Puzzles:
    This is a fun visually game where participants will try an guess the what an object is solely off of a zoomed in image.