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Virtual Game Shows

Virtual Karaoke Night
Circle Of Prosperity 2
Virtual Escape Room
Music Video Bingo 2
Name That Tune
Finish The Lyrics 2
emoji Game Show
Virtual Video Bingo
Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Zoom Charades
Zoom Simon Says
Zoomed In Photo Puzzle Game 2
Murder Trivia

Looking for a fun way to connect with remote participants? ​Magical Memories Entertainment offers a large variety of interactive and exciting games that are a perfect way to engage a team at a virtual meeting, connect friends from far away, or just have a mental break while on Zoom. ​
You can either create a unique virtual game show experience by picking different games that will seamlessly meld together into a multiple round tournament, have multiple games running in different rooms for guests to choose from, or select your favorite individual game for the entire event.
No matter what option you pick, you will receive a time tested experience that has been specifically designed for the virtual space and our experienced hosts will guide guests through the entire process, ensuring that everyone not only has a great time, but have an experience filled with laughter, excitement and bonding. 

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