Virtual Interactive Games


Magical Memories Entertainment has been working hard to provide new and innovative ways to connect and build relationships while everyone is remote. We have developed and honed several fun viral games that can be hosted on Zoom, social media livestream and other meeting platforms.

  1. Virtual Video Bingo

  2. Virtual Trivia Game Shows

  3. Virtual Escape Game

  4. Virtual Word Game - Circle Of Prosperity

  5. Zoom Simon Says

  6. Livestream Karaoke


  1. Virtual Video Bingo:
    We take the game of bingo to the next level with a high energy bingo caller and fun onscreen video calls. Each player gets their own unique interactive virtual bingo card that is sent to their email or players can get a card generated instantly via a common link shared in the chat.

    With the ability to send unique bingo cards to individual participants organizations can charge for individual bingo cards as a fundraising activity.

    We can also create custom videos with your important messages that are used as the "BINGO Call." This is the perfect way to keep your group engaged throughout the whole program because participants have to pay attention to each video to see if that video has the word on their BINGO card.

  2. Virtual Trivia Game Shows
    Do your friends, students or staff think they know it all? Give them a chance to prove it with our Virtual Trivia Game Shows. You can either choose from our list of over 175 pre-made trivia topics or we can create a 100% customized game with all your own questions including photos and videos with each question. Take on up to 5,000 of your closest friends in this live, real time, interactive trivia game.

    What you get:

    • 6 rounds of virtual trivia (more rounds are available if needed)
    • A professional trivia host who will moderate and read out the questions live via livestream on social media or virtual meeting platform.

    • The questions will appear on screen as well as live on the answer cards.

    • Participants, both at home and in person, can access answer cards on a web browser. (no app required)  

    • Leader-board with all guests names, at home and in person, will appear on screen in real time.

    • Games can be branded with school, organization or guest of honors logo, name and event information.

    • An informational video walking through how the game works, how questions are delivered and how scoring works.

  3. Virtual Escape Game
    World renowned magician Naathan Phan is abducted in the middle of a virtual magic show and is, somehow, sealed into a magic vault hidden in a secret room within the Magical Memories Manor. He needs your help! In just over 60 minutes the vault lock will be fully sealed and he will be trapped in here forever.

    Naathan was able to trick the mansion host into letting you and your team come to the manor, but be careful… you will be entering a world where magic is real, chaos is reality and everything seems to be a riddle or puzzle.

    You are only able to visit the manor in small groups, so in just a moment you will be whisked away, almost as if by magic, to a new room with a random group of people that is called a "Break Out Room." When you arrive you will introduce yourself to your new team and strategize. After a few moments you will get a message from the Manor Host with a link. When you click the link, you will find yourself looking at the outside of the Magical Memories Manor.

    First, you will need to find a way into the manor. Once inside you will need to find the secret room and finally, you will need to figure out how to get into the magic vault where I am being held.

    Naathan is depending on you! Can you find the vault and get him out before your time is up and your "Break Out Room" disappears.

  4. Virtual Word Game - Circle Of Prosperity
    Circle Of Prosperity is a fun word guessing game, similar to “Wheel Of Fortune.” Three contestants play at a time and after each puzzle, contestants will rotate. Several surprises are in store for players when we spin the virtual wheel, like bankrupt and lose a turn. This game can be customized to any theme or person by using slogans, catchphrases, favorite movies and TV shows.

  5. Zoom Simon Says
    Ever wonder who can follow directions best? Bring in our fast talking professional Zoom Simon Says MC to put your guests to the test. We will have your guests moving, laughing and having fun with a face paced virtual game of Simon Says. Those not currently playing are charged with being the "spotters" whose job it is to call out other players when they don't follow directions. Our callers will keep the games moving quickly and keep your guests engaged with this high energy Simon Says Program!

  6. Livestream Karaoke
    Connect your music loving friends, students or staff from around the world, live, with our livestream karaoke. Go live on a private youtube stream, facebook group or your organizations favorite meeting platform. Participants can choose from tracks ranging from new releases, to classics and even ethnic favorites. We will provide an engaging dj to coordinate bringing singers on.

    You can add a professional MC who can host the event live on camera, encourage guests to join and sing as needed.



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