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Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Our virtual workshops are designed to bring excitement, engagement and education to your audience through a dynamic and interactive online platform. With a team of experienced entertainers and educators, we create immersive workshops that will keep your participants entertained and informed.

Our virtual workshops are perfect for corporate events, schools, and community organizations looking for a unique and engaging experience. Whether you're looking for a virtual team-building activity or an educational workshop, we've got you covered. 

  1. Virtual Dance Workshops: (Hip-Hop Dance, Break-Dancing, Hula Dance, Ballroom Dance and Latin Dance)
    Magical Memories Entertainment has a team of talented dancers that specialize in different dance styles who are ready to zoom into your virtual event. We offer a 60 min dance program with a top-notch dance instructor who has tons of experience teaching groups like yours.

  2. "ZOOM"ba:
    Get your staff up on their feet and move to a face paced dance workout with our team of high energy and engaging instructors. We can customize the sessions with different music and different levels of intensity.

  3. Self Defense Workshop:
    It doesn’t matter if you are young or more mature, if you are big or small, if you are an athlete or a couch potato, you will learn fundamental personal safety techniques. Self-defense is about awareness, recognition, strategy and the element of surprise. Learn practical physical techniques and self-defense strategies that are pressure tested.

  4. Art Workshop: (Water Color, Drawing, Painting, Crafts and More)
    Our team has designed creativity inspiring artistic workshops that are not only amazingly fun but accessible to do at home. We will teach the art form of your choice while engaging with participants and helping foster connections with each other. We will work with you to choose the best project to fit your needs, goals and theme. We can customize each experience for your organization, including ordering supplies for the team or creating custom material kits that are mailed to everyone’s homes.

  5. Cooking and Baking Class:
    Take a break from takeout and connect with others over home cooked meal. There is nothing like sharing a meal to bring people closer and with our virtual cooking and baking workshops people can create their very own meal together. We will work with you to come up with the right dish for your group and put together receipt cards and ingredient lists for all participants. You can choose from a simple classic, healthy go to or a delicious sweet treat.

  6. Mixology Class:
    Just because we are all virtual doesn’t mean your happy hour has to lose its flair. Bring in one of our fun bartenders to create some “buzz” by teaching easy and tasty cocktails and mocktails. Our virtual mixology workshop contains a mix of not only great adult beverages but good conversations, tons of interaction and lots of laughs. We can provide anything from a 30 min cocktail kickoff/sendoff to a 90 min multi drink night at your in-home bar. We can customize each experience for your organization, including ordering supplies for the team or creating custom material kits that are mailed to everyone’s homes.

  7. NEW WORKSHOPS! (Ask for more information about our newest workshops!)

    1. Soap Making Workshop

    2. Cigar Enthusiast Workshop

    3. Chocolate Tasting Workshop

    4. Clean Wine Tasting Class

    5. Cello Meditation Class

    6. Peruvian Ceviche Cooking Class

    7. Laughter Yoga

    8. Cartooning Classes

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