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Virtual Dance Workshops

Magical Memories Entertainment has a team of talented dancers that specialize in different dance styles who are ready to zoom into your virtual event. We offer a 60 min dance program with a top notch dance instructor who has tons of experience teaching groups like yours.

  1. Digital Bboy Hip Hop Break Dancing Workshop

  2. Virtual Hula Show and Hawaiian Culture Workshop

  3. Zoom Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes

  4. "ZOOM"ba Class

  1. Digital Bboy Hip Hop Break Dancing Workshop:
    The Magical Memories Entertainment b-boy master will teach your guests the basics of hip hop and break dancing. Once everyone has the basics we will lead them through a full break dance routine and end with a fun dance party!

  2. Virtual Hula Show and Hawaiian Culture Workshop:
    Our amazing hula dancers will perform a beautiful hula dance demonstration followed by a dance workshop where our dancer will teach your students the basics of hula dancing. Throughout the program our dancer will talk about the history of hula and give some insight into the Hawaiian culture.

  3. Zoom Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes:
    Our amazing virtual ballroom and Latin dancer instructors will zoom into your next event to share their experience with your next virtual event. Our instructors have been teaching zoom instructions at virtual events since before March and are well equipped to engage your students, get them up and teach them some new moves.

  4. "ZOOM"ba Class:
    Get your students up on their feet and move to a face paced dance workout with our team of high energy and engaging instructors. We can customize the sessions with different music and different levels of intensity.

BBoy Virtual Workshop
Hula Workshop
Ballroom Dane
ZOOMba Class
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