Circus Acts

Magical Memories Entertainment has awesome top notch circus team that can perform anything from small backyard circus themed birthdays to large multi ring circus extravaganzas. We also offer circus mingling entertainers and workshops.


Juggling Show (Virtual & In-Person):

The Juggling and Object Manipulation Show is a 40 min interactive show that consists of an amazing combination of comedy and object manipulation in a fun and stylish way. Your guests will laugh at our juggler’s funny antics and be amazed by his impressive skill.


Magical Memories Entertainment has some of the top aerialists in the business. From amazing cirque style shows, silly family performances, amazing ambiance or crazy event greater we have the right performer for you.

We have 3 aerialist options to choose from:

  1. Aerialists Show

  2. Just Hanging Around (Ambiance)

  3. Aerial Bartender and Champagne Pouring


Magical Memories Entertainment offers some of the top contortionists in the business that will shock and astonish your guests with their dramatic body poses, back-bending, splits and feats of flexibility. We have a variety of contortionists who specialize in different skill types and performance styles. This means that we have the right performer whether you are looking for an amazing evening show, a cool presentation or unique ambiance entertainment we have the right entertainer for you.

We offer 2 different performance styles:

  1. Contortionist Show

  2. Ambiance/Mingling Contortionist

Flow Show (Virtual & In-Person):
From fast moving hula hoops to fans filled with LEDs and even fire manipulation Magical Memories has a team of amazing flow show performers who can bring the energy to your next event. Our team of entertainers will perform high energy and visually stimulating show that will engage and entertain your guests

Variety Show (Virtual & In-Person):

The Multi Talent Extravaganza is a mix of many different circus skills like juggling, balancing, uni-cycling and some popular variety skills like high energy magic, comedy and music. This is one show your guests won’t forget. With tons of audience participation out entertainers will use their vast repertoire of all around entertaining skill to draw the audience into a memorable and entertaining adventure.

Bring In The Big Top Shows (Virtual & In-Person):

Please Direct Your Eyes To Center Ring... For The Greatest Show This You Have Ever Seen! The "Bring In The Big Top Shows" is a 30 - 90 min show consisting of acts from around the world all on one stage. You will see a mix of skills, talents and entertainers ranging from European acrobats, a magician from Canada, a comedian from New York and so much more all in the same show. 

Mingling Entertainers:

If you are looking for top of the line circus performers who can minge throughout an event or lead a high energy parade, our team of talented professionals are the perfect fit. We will engage with guests having them laugh at their silly antics and be in awe of their amazing skills. 

Circus Workshops (Virtual & In-Person):

The Bring In The Big Top workshops are fun and educational programs that teach exciting circus skills like stilt walking, juggling, tight rope walking, balancing and aerials. All of our instructors have years of circus experience and will ensure your campers are taught in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. This program not only teaches kids new skills but will help them to see they can achieve amazing things they never thought possible. Each program comes with 2 instructors who can handle up to about 45 kids per class and each class last about 30 – 45 min

Circus Concessions:

Magical Memories Entertainment offers a host of professional grade food concession machines. These top of the line machines come with everything you need from the supplies, toppings, condiments and even staff!