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Fire Shows

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Magical Memories Entertainment has versatile fire entertainers who are masters of an array of fire props and fiery spectacles, from mesmerizing fire juggling to spinning fireballs, and breathtaking fire-breathing displays. Whatever your vision, we can tailor our experiences to fit seamlessly into your event, be it a dazzling Fire Exhibition, a captivating Full Fire Show, entrancing Fire Effects as guests arrive, or a thrilling Variety Show with a fiery twist.
Safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, so rest assured that our team of seasoned professionals will transform your event into a blazing success while working to ensure everyone stays safe. Imagine the awe and excitement of your guests as our world-class fire performers showcase their incredible talents, creating an electrifying atmosphere that will leave everyone talking for days. 

Please note our fire experiences do utilize REAL FIRE that is being thrown, twirled and otherwise manipulated by human hands which comes with real risk to property and life. Although all of our performers are trained and take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of your guests, when booking a fire entertainer you under and accept the risks associated with having  this type of show at your event. 

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