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Juggling is most loosely defined as the act of manipulating objects of all kinds, from juggling clubs and torches to balls, balance beams, unicycles and more. The Magical Memories Entertainment offers 3 different juggling programs.

The Juggling Fun Show:

The Juggling Fun show is a fun, interactive comedy show that consists of an amusing combination of comedy and object manipulation in a fun and stylish way for a show that can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you are having a family gathering with all different ages or corporate team building weekend we have a fun comedy juggling show for your event.

Walk Around Jugglers:

Walk around juggling is perfect for any carnival, fair, or private party where you want some highly visual and interactive entertainment. Our jugglers will move through the crowd entertaining the masses as they go along and getting them involved in different juggling tricks. Our jugglers can also utilize LED props for night events.

Juggling Workshops:

The Juggling Workshop will introduce your guests to a number of fun juggling skills such as 3 ball juggling, balancing, Chinese yo-yo, & the devil sticks. Our professionally trained circus instructors will bring all the supplies and work with each person to help them get the grasp of juggling basics.

Walk Around Jugglers
Juggler Workshops
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