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 Balloon Twisters

Magical Memories Entertainment offers professional balloon artists who create exciting designs using top-quality balloons. We provide three levels to suit your event needs:

  1. Basic Balloon Artists: specialize in creating simple 1-2 balloon designs that are quick and visually appealing. Perfect for larger events where speed and efficiency are key.

  2. Deluxe Balloon Artists: take balloon twisting to the next level, crafting intricate multi balloon designs. They can create a variety of fun characters, animals, and shapes that will wow your guests.

  3. Master Balloon Artists: are world-renowned, having worked with celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and royalty. They create stunning, intricate balloon art that transforms any event into a memorable spectacle. These artists bring unparalleled expertise and artistry, making them perfect for high-profile events.​​

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