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Bubble Shows

Everyone loves bubbles and Magical Memories offers several bubble programs that are sure to entertain all.

Bubbles Are Magical:

This is a fun filled 40 min bubble show which has tons of giant bubbles, millions of lil bubbles, silly magic and endless audience participation. The Bubbles Are Magical show is perfect for a younger group of kids.

Bubbletastic Show:

The Bubbletastic Show is 40 min interactive comedy, music and bubble show that has tons of audience participation and high energy fun. The bubbletastic show consists of Bubble Tricks, Bubble Competitions, Lifes-size Bubbles, Bubble Magic and Tons of Bubble Fun!

Bubble Workshop:

An interactive bubble experience where everyone gets to participate in making and popping bubbles. This program consists of 4 stations and a bubble making "pit." In the end every child gets to be put inside a life-size bubble, make a giant bubble wand they can take home, and make some fun bubbles with professional grand bubble solution.

  1. Get put in a life size bubble

  2. Make a giant bubble wand

  3. Make bubbles with your bare hands

  4. Bounce, pass and juggle bubbles

BUBBLE MAKING PIT! This is a big bucket of bubble solution where you get to test out your giant bubble wands, try out different bubble wands and just go bubble crazy!

​Bubble Dance Party:

Our Bubble Dance Party is a high energy Dance Party with GAZILLIONS OF BUBBLES! With our Bubble Dance Party you will get a party enhancer with a small sound system that will play a mix of today's hits and popular group dances, a high output bubble machine with nearly 100 individual bubble wands that creates hundreds of bubbles per minute, professional grade bubble solution that creates more durable bubbles and the party enhancer will put each of the kids inside of a giant life size bubble.

Due to the nature of bubbles we recommend this event be done outdoors or on a floor with a non slippery surface.

Bubble Stations:

The Bubble Station is a fun bubble program where a professional bubble maker brings in commercial grade bubble solution for long lasting bubbles, a variety of bubble making apparatus to create a variety of bubbles from larg bubble blobs to hundreds of tinny bubbles and will have fun bubble wants that guests can use to make their own bubbles. This program is perfect outdoor events or for large events where you want to add something fun.

Bubble Stations
Bubble Workshop
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