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Clubhouse Room Reset
Clubhouse Welcome Page

Top Things To Have In
Your Room Reset

  1. State The Topic

  2. Acknowledge Speakers

  3. State The Room Purpose

  4. Remind People To Mute Mics

Drop Your Email To Grab The Guide And An Example Room Rest Script.

Room Reset Guide.png

Hire A Professional Clubhouse Moderator:

  • Room Reset Professional: 

    • The room reset is a key moment to pull the conversation back on topic, bring up the room energy and pull your audience back in. Our team of skilled moderators will reset the room deliver key insights and encourage room growth. Having a moderator who can reset the room right is a game changer for any clubhouse experience.

  • Clubhouse Room Security:

    • Trolls are real on the clubhouse platform and having a dedicated moderator who is on constant patrol allows for you to focus on your message and the room.

  • Conversation Facilitator: 

    • A discussion moderator is a person whose role is to act as a neutral participant in the discussion, holds participants to time limits, directs questions to subject experts and tries to keep them from straying off the topic.

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