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We help clubhouse creators take their rooms to the next level through top notch virtual entertainment, engaging games, skilled hosts and high-quality audio production.

With the extreme growth of Clubhouse there is a dire need for professionals who can bring in prerecorded content, capture high quality audio output, assist with programing and help engage and retain audiences utilizing high energy talent.

If you have been on this app for more than a day you have surely jumped into a room with a chaotic stage, a quickly dwindling audience or just a need for a professional touch.


We have access to a roster of dozens of virtual professionals who will calm the chaos, build community and create that professional experience.

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Services We Offer:


  • Clubhouse DJ:

    • Our professional Clubhouse DJs can bring the right vibe to your room with high quality audio tracks specifically chosen to fit the mood of the room and best work on the clubhouse platform. Copyright free and royalty free music options are available.

  • Audio Recording:

    • Capture high quality audio directly from your room with our audio recording setup. Our team will enter your room, bring in a Magical Memories Entertainment recording account that will be positioned on stage with a “recording in progress” photo. This account does not allow for any communication with it while the recording in in progress.

  • Post Production Audio Enhancements:

    • Our team will take all the audio recorded, organize it, clean it up, and enhance it. Our editor will listen for quality, smooth out transitions, fix technical problems, and removes unwanted sounds from dialog when possible.

  • Bring in Audio From Outside Source:

    • Our team can bring in your prerecorded content, sound effects, music or even a live program into your clubhouse room. We will have a live tech in the room the entire time for live feedback.

  • Musician:

    • There's nothing like live music to change to tone of a room, bring up the energy and make your room a bit unique. We offer a variety of amazing musicians who can virtually appear at your room. Our musicians have a wide repertoire of music so they can fit almost any vibe you want. are sure to know many of your favorite tunes.



  • Clubhouse Trivia:

    • Clubhouse bingo allows all members of the audience to play a fun game of trivia simultaneously with a professional trivia host who will moderate and read out the questions. Players will click a link that takes them to a unique game card right on their device which shows them the questions, answers, fun facts, leader-board and can even be branded.

  • Murder Trivia:

    • Murder Trivia is a “killer” clubhouse game. Our trivia host will arrive “dressed” as a famous serial killer, have a voice modulator creating a creepily fun feel and play a verity of sound effects. All players will be invited on stage and one by one will be asked timed questions. If players answer incorrectly or run out of time they will be eliminated and returned the audience. Last player remaining wins.

  • PTR Scavenger Hunt:

    • Get your clubhouse audience moving, thinking fast and laughing with a fast-paced scavenger hung. Our team can customize this game to fit any theme or utilize key information from bios.

  • Clubhouse “Who Am I?”:

    • Clubhouse “Who Am I?” is a guessing game where players use yes or no questions to guess the identity of a famous the host displays. One player will unmute, minimize the clubhouse app and ask questions about the traits and characteristics of a person being shown. The other members on the stage will answer yes or no.

  • Music Bingo:

    • We take the game of bingo to the next level with a high energy bingo caller and fun music clips for calls. Each player gets their own unique interactive virtual bingo card accessible on their mobile device.



  • PTR Mixologist:

    • We offer a unique community building experience that fosters communication and connections. Bring in our PTR Mixologist to create some “buzz” by teaching easy and tasty cocktails and mocktails or can help your audience make their own delicious drinks with items they have in their home. While this is going on you can initiate a conversation about any subject. Once drinks are made everyone will “Pull To Refresh” showing off their creations.

  • Comedian:

    • Laugh Until It Hurts with the Magical Memories' Comedians! Magical Memories has a group of top-notch funny people who are masters of making you laugh! Magical Memories will work with you to design a custom lineup with comics who are perfect for your guest’s styles and personality.

  • Digital Caricaturist:

    • Our digital caricaturists will create one-of-a-kind pieces of art based on the profile photos your audience loads up. We have some of the top artists in the business who have extensive experience creating amazing drawings. We can either upload the images to a web gallery, sent audience members their images on Instagram or provide them to the host to use for engagement after the event. This is a passive experience which allows guests to continue to enjoy the room while still getting an additional experience.

  • Clubhouse Profile Photo Generator:

    • If you are looking for your audience to all have the same photo, similar branding or a custom overlay our Clubhouse virtual profile creator allows your audience to do this live! Our photo creator can allow for 100% customizable images with filters, background removal, boarders and overlays. Within minutes the photos are created and uploaded to an online gallery that will host the images for a year. Our photo generator can also be setup as a lead capture opportunity.

  • Virtual Tarot Card Readings:

    • Have one of our amazing virtual tarot card readers join your room and do live virtual card readings. This can be done with a group in an open format or guests can jump into a private room.


Moderators and Hosts

  • Room Reset Professional: 

    • The room reset is a key moment to pull the conversation back on topic, bring up the room energy and pull your audience back in. Our team of skilled moderators will reset the room deliver key insights and encourage room growth. Having a moderator who can reset the room right is a game changer for any clubhouse experience.

  • Clubhouse Room Security:

    • Trolls are real on the clubhouse platform and having a dedicated moderator who is on constant patrol allows for you to focus on your message and the room.

  • Conversation Facilitator: 

    • A discussion moderator is a person whose role is to act as a neutral participant in the discussion, holds participants to time limits, directs questions to subject experts and tries to keep them from straying off the topic.

  • Clubhouse Producer:

    • Our team is a leader in virtual event production. We work behind the scenes to seamlessly bring in presenters, prerecorded content, spotlight key moments and keep the programing on track and on time.

Meet Our Team
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