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Workshops and Classes

Tired of the same old Specials, After School Programs or just want to learn something new?

It’s time for you to bring in a professional for a fun, interactive, and best of all, educational program that your kids will be able to learn something they can use over and over again.

There are many different full day and hourly workshops where professional performers come to teach:

Bubble Workshop:

The Bubble Workshop is an hour long bubbletastic time. Participants move between stations trying all different kinds of bubble activities. Some Of the activities are:

  • Making a giant bubble maker to take home

  • Getting put in a life size bubble

  • Making bubbles that can be held in the hand

  • Bouncing and juggling bubbles

Juggling Workshop:

The Juggling Program will introduce your campers to a number of fun juggling skills such as 3 ball juggling, balancing, Chinese yo-yo, & the devil sticks.

Face Painting Workshop:

The Face Painting Workshop gives your campers a unique opportunity to learn the techniques of face painting from a real professional face painter who has years of experience.

Break Dance Workshop:

The Break Dance Workshop is where a group of kids get to meet with real professional break dancers who will teach them the basics of this art. Depending on group sizes more than one teacher can be provided to accommodate everyone.

Balloon Twisting Workshop:

The Balloon Twisting Workshop teaches groups of campers how to make numerous balloon animals such as the classic Dog, Sward, Hat, and many other simple balloon animals.

Magic Workshop:

The Magic Program consists of small groups coming in to learn real magic they can do with everyday objects. This allows them to leave the class being able to perform the magic they just learned and they will not even need the props that were given to them.

Science Workshop:

The Magical Memories Scientists offer a hands on science experience where you guests get to be the scientist and perform real world science experiments. Our team of instructors will lead your guests through a series of amusing and educational demonstrations. Your guests will not only have fun but leave our science workshops with some new knowledge.

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