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Zoom DJs

Virtual Video Disc Jockey:
Our professional DJs jump on your virtual event and broadcast a sick mix of music that fits your group's preferences. As they are DJing they project out the music videos into the virtual event for everyone to see. This takes DJing to a new level and makes it even more entertaining for the unique virtual platform.  

Zoom DJ Dance Party:

The DJ Dance Party program brings in a skilled DJ/MC who will get your guests on the dance floor with some of the most popular songs, group dances and tons of interaction. This program brings in one entertainer so we hit the kids hard with the basics that we know will get your guests moving like the Cha Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle. The DJ will also rock some fun games like such as freeze dance and limbo. This 1 hour fully interactive show will be sure to keep your guests moving and grooving!

Livestream Karaoke:
Connect your music loving students from around the world, live, with our livestream karaoke. Go live on a private youtube stream, facebook group or your organizations favorite meeting platform. Participants can choose from tracks ranging from new releases, to classics and even ethnic favorites. We will provide an engaging dj to coordinate bringing singers on.
+ Add a professional MC who can host the event live on camera, encourage guests to join and sing as needed.

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