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Virtual Escape Games

Imagine you are on a video call with some friends, family or coworkers and all of a sudden you're whisked away to a new room with a random group of people. You are tasked with the responsibility of saving someone from a virtual world where magic is real, chaos is reality and everything seems to be a riddle or puzzle.

You and your team are in a Magical Memories Entertainment virtual escape room. You have to work with your team to solve the puzzles and answer the riddles before your time is up. Join one of the hundreds of other heros from around the world who have helped save our trapped friends. 

Magical Memories Manor

Master magician Naathan Phan has been abducted, pulled into a virtual mansion called Magical Memories Manor. The Manor Host has sealed him into this magic vault that is hidden in a secret room. He needs your help. In just over 60 minutes the vault lock will be fully sealed and Naathan will be trapped forever. You and your team have been granted special permission to visit the manor, but be careful, you will be going to a virtual world where things don't happen like you're used to. Your mission is to find a way into the manor, discover the hidden room and figure out how to get Naathan out of the magic vault all before your time is up and your "Break Out Room" disappears.

Escape the Tomb

Jenna The Explorer was excavating a new and exciting Egyptian worksite that was rumored to be cursed by an ancient ruler, Puzzletu, who was known for tricking unknowing participants into entering a maze only for to see if they could get out! Things were going well until suddenly, the ground began to shake and the earth swallowed Jenna up! She discovered that she has fallen into a 3000-year-old tomb and is trapped! Jenna thinks she hears a sound of a beast lurking around the corner. Suddenly she hears the voice of Puzzletu say “Anyone who dared to go in no one has ever again seen. Only the ones thinking from outside can invert the mechanism inside.” It is up to you! You need to help Jenna escape by solving Puzzletu’s infamous maze BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!

Kris Kringle Kidnapping

Kris Kringle has been Kidnapped by Bad Santa and sent to a digital world. Bad Santa doesn't think you have what it takes to save the Jolly One so he agreed to let you enter this magical world full of grinchy tricks and puzzles. It is up to you to save Christmas and get the real Santa Claus back! In just 60 minutes our connection to Saint Nick will fade and we will no longer be able to reach him.

Escape the Jungle

Jenna The Explorer as been ZAPPED into a cursed jungle documentary filled with not only bugs and creepy crawlies but tons of mysteries. Jenna needs your help. It is rumored that only someone from the outside can see the clues that will lead to Jenna’s Escape. Hurry before the tape ends and she becomes a permanent guest of the jungle. 

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