Puppet Shows

The Magical Memories Puppet Shows are live, interactive, musical-comedy puppet show designed for kids ages 1-10. The shows are 30 to 50 minutes long and use comedy, music and a ton of audience participation to draw kids into the experience.

Puppet Making Workshops:

Our professional puppeteers will teach participants the basics of puppeteering and even will get a chance to make their own simple puppet. Participants will get an insight into handling a puppet, correct eye and lip syncing and simple story telling.

1Person Show:

  • 40 - 60 min show for larger groups

  • Extremely interactive show

  • Tons of music and singing

  • Silly puppet humor and fun

  • Many gorgeous puppets

  • A pro puppet theater

  • A sound system with wireless mic

2 Person Show:

  • An upgraded 1 Person Show

  • Multi-dimensional puppet show

  • Puppets pop out engaging kids

  • Two way puppet conversations

  • Multiple puppets in use at once

  • A pro puppet theater

  • Sound system, music and mics

Smaller Circle Show:

  • 30 minutes (best for less than 15 kids)

  • 3 main puppets for the songs

  • Facade to hide puppets

  • The kids participate in a group song

  • Songs done acoustically or with 1 instrument

  • Movement/Dancing/Bopping throughout the show


Circle Show:

  • 40 min (best for about 20 kids)

  • Small panels to hide puppets

  • Accompanying music

  • Use of musical instruments

  • Extensive amount of puppets

  • Children participate in group activities

  • Movement includes dancing/bopping