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Portable Escape Game

​The Magical Memories Entertainment Portable Escape Games offer a chance to enter the mind of an infamous secret-agent in a quest to save humanity. Put your skills to the test in a thrilling race against the clock where you join the fight against the international spy who has stolen a deadly bio weapon. With this exciting escape game scenario, you will take on the mission to save every man, woman, and child on earth by unleashing your inner detective and try to stop the countdown before it's too late. The world's intelligence agencies have failed; it's up to you to succeed.
Our escape games are delivered right to your location and feature two sealed cases, a countdown timer, and a video player to reveal the story and instructions. Your team will work together to open both cases, find the keys, and stop the timer before time runs out. With options for both single-team and head-to-head competition games, our escape games offer the right game play for you. 

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