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Portable Escape Game

Looking for a top notch team building experience for your organization or just a fun event activity for your next private party? Magical Memories Entertainment offers fun, adrenaline pumping  escape games delivered to you. 

We will bring 2 sealed cases, a "device" with a countdown timer and a video player that will revile the story and instructions on how to proceed. You and your team will need to open both cases, find the keys and stop the timer before it hits 0.    

Our escape games can be played either as a single team for 60 minute or with 2 teams going head to head in a 30 min competition game. 


You can add to the experience with a large screen tv for the opening instructional video and countdown timer; a sound system for music and sound effects; and dramatic room lighting. 

We can run a single game, multiple games over the course of an event or a long term rentals where we ship the game ready to play with instructions on how to solve the game as well as how to reset the game.


- Defuse the Bio Weapon:

Today you are tasked with the mission to save every man, woman and child on earth. An international spy has gone rogue. She has stolen one of the most dangerous bio weapons known to man. The world’s intelligence agencies have searched the globe and they have only been able to recover two cases. One of the cases will help lead you to patient 0 and the cure to the bio weapon. The second will take you into the mind of cunning thief and infamous secret-agent. Open the cases, find the cure and locate the keys to prevent the bio weapon from going off before the countdown timer reaches 0! The world is counting on you.

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