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Magical Grand Entrances

The perfect thing for those looking for something totally unique!


Check Out Our Balloon Grand Entrance!

Imagine …everyone has entered the ballroom after cocktail hour and the MME DJ announces everyone to please take their seats. He then says, “Everyone please rise.” He introduces the family. “Everyone put your hands together for (name of Guest)!”

Everyone looks to the doorway you just entered through but there is no guest of honor, a major dramatic moment in the party. The DJ says, “Let the magic begin!” then begins a high energy song that you select to enter into.

Then a box is brought in and is spun around and then opened to reveal nothing inside. The music reaches its climax and our guest of honor pops out of the box and pulls the confetti/ streamer cannon and shoots it over the dance floor leaving an amazing effect, perfect photo opportunity, and an unforgettable memory.

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