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Game Shows and Trivia

Magical Memories can bring fun, exciting and interactive game show competitions to your event. All game shows and trivia games can be customized to fit different themes, individuals, companies, curriculum and ages.

Basic Game Show:

The Basic Game Show is a fun contest perfect for every age group filled with trivia, physical challenges and music to keep your guests on their toes! With lightning fast questions that can be customized to any theme you will be surprised how even the silliest questions become hard when you have to think fast!

Memory, Music and Motion Show:

This high-energy game show is perfect for a wide array of audiences no matter how big! This show comes complete with a high energy game show host, light up game show equipment, fast response sensors, score board and sound effects. Your guests will be separated into teams and pitted against each other in fun activities such as, answering trivia questions and runny relay races.

* * * Game Show Alternative * * *

Trivia Night:

Do you have friends who think they know it all? Give them a chance to prove it. We can design a trivia quiz from scratch to fit any theme and is a perfect way to put your guests to the test and see once and for all who is more clever. We will provide everything from Customized Trivia Questions and a Professional Trivia Host to Sound Equipment and Trivia Game Materials.

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