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Dinosaur Parties

Sitting at just over 2.5 feet tall and 3 feet long he is the perfect size to wow your kids but not too big to scare the little ones. He has also been specially designed with realistic brown and green scale looking skin that is soft to the touch. Being designed for younger kids he does not have the capability of walking on his own. This makes his sable enough for kids 60lbs or less to ride him.

What Does He Do:
Our dinosaur friend can respond in several ways. When you touch his nose with your hand, he will "sniff" it. Tickling his belly or chin makes him "laugh," and when you feed him by putting an object in his mouth, he responds by munching on it. There's also touch sensors in his three horns, on his tail, and on his two sides. A sound sensor in his forehead helps him know when your guests "roaring" a dino greeting, and a weight sensor in his back ensures that he knows when there's a rider to entertain.

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