Candy Art

Candy Sculptures:

Want a one of a kind sweet treat that each of your guests can take home? Check out the Candy Sculptors who are experts in the rare skill of spinning sugar. Guests will be amazed to watch sugar form into elegant butterflies, whimsical monkeys, and roosters. Each piece is spun around a single wood stick, perfect for carrying and eating!

Candy Sushi Makers:

Looking for a fun and creative solution to satisfy your guests sweet tooth? Bring in the a Kosher Candy Sushi Maker who mix the art of sushi making with a SWEET new twist. Candy sushi rolls are made with a rice crispy treats base wrapped with fruit roll-ups instead of sea weed and topped with kosher candies.

Cotton Candy Artists:

This party artist is SWEET! If you’re looking for a unique  fun activity for your event than our amazing cotton candy artists are what you need! There is nothing more fun then seeing regular cotton candy being transformed into beautiful cotton candy flowers, fun figures or other cool shapes. Using an ordinary cotton candy machine, shaping stick and wide range of colors our fantastic food artist sculpts incredible multi-layered creations.

Candy Wall, Bars and Stations:

Candy Wall: Magical Memories brings in a true wall of treats filled with your favorite kinds of candy.

What's Included:
- 50 lbs of non brand name candy
- 22 fully candy filled facades
- Serving bags


Pucker Powder: This candy station allows you to make edible sand art.

What's Included:
- 12 flavors of candy powder
- 50 candy tubes