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 Body Artists

Magical Memories Entertainment has one of the top body artists in the world on staff who can turn you into anything from an Avatar to a logoed up promotion girl. There are two different types of body art.

Past events we have done: 
- Fraternity Formal
- Car Show
- Technology Trade Show
- NYC Night Club
- College Night
- College Home Coming
- Halloween Parties

Live Body Painting:

This is when a model and an artist are set p on a stage or separate section and set to do a full body work of art live in front of spectators. It is an amazing way to attract attention to a booth at a car or trades how or a unique experience at a club or lounge. All designs are completely customizable and can include logos, color schemes, design features or corporate messages.

Pre Party Painting:

This is when the artist arrives before the event to either paint spokes modes with company logos or brand related material. We can also paint servers, bar tenders, staff and shot girls fit themed events or promotional logos.

Private Events:

Do you want to be the best looking person at the Halloween or costume party? Then you should set up a private appointment with our artist to change you from a mere mortal into a zombie, a super hero, sexy vixion, an alien or any other crazy idea you can think of. Our artist will paint a one of a kind work of art that is designed just for you.

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