Magical Memories Entertainment has professional, silly and high energy clowns. We offer 4 different clown programs. Clown programs are generally appropriate for kids ages 0 - 5.

Clown Shows:

Our clowns put on a very silly, fun and interactive clown show. All the kids participate and a few even get to come on "stage." Of course the guest of honor is the star of the show! All of our clown shows are time tested and will make your event absolutely amazing!! Our clown shows can involve music, magic, balloon animals, face painting, games and are always tons of fun!!

Party Enhancer:

A party enhancer is a clown like entertainer who does a mixture of musical activities, dancing, games, glitter tattoos, balloon animals, face painting and more but is not dressed as a clown. This is perfect if you are looking for some clown entertainment but are worried that the kids might be afraid of clowns.

Walk Around Clown:

The Magical Memories Clowns can be booked for walk-around entertainment. This is perfect for for fairs, shopping centers, department stores or places where there is not enough space for a big show. The walk around consists of entertaining people individually or in small groups with lots of small props, jokes and gags.

Man Behind The Paint:

This program is a great program for kids AND adults who are scared of clowns. Our professional clown comes in as a "regular" person and before your very eyes they transform into a clown. It can be done as an informative lecture oriented for teens and adults with discussions about clowning, the different styles, stories about being in the circus and the psychology behind what and how the performers do what they do. It can also be done fast in the beginning to show that the clown is just a regular person then the performer will jump into character and perform their CLOWN SHOW.

Just The Basics:
Just The Basics is the perfect addition for any event. Our fun, friendly and professionally dressed Magical Memories staff will come make balloon animals and do face paint stencil tattoos for up to 20 kids per hour.