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Walk Around Clown
Man Behind The Paint

Magical Memories Entertainment specializes in bringing smiles to your little ones' faces with our fantastic, unforgettable Clown experiences. Our professional, silly, and high-energy clowns create an atmosphere of pure joy through various interactive clown programs. Expect laughter, a whole lot of fun and many talents ranging from music, magic, balloons, face painting, and games, that will make your event absolutely amazing!
We understand that some might be afraid of clowns, which is why we also offer non-clown entertainers who bring all the amazing clown skills without the makeup, as well as a program that reveals the "regular" person behind the clown. And if you're looking for a simpler option, we have friendly staff members who can do just balloons and tattoos. Choose Magical Memories for your next event, and let us create a world of laughter and delight for you and your guests!

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