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 Break Dancers

Looking to pump up your next event? Magical Memories B-boy Hip Hop Break Dancers are the perfect option. Our b-boy break dance shows are different than your traditional music or dance performance. We have some of the best gravity-defying break dancing b-boys int he world who excite audiences with incredible windmills, headspins, flips, creative footwork and more! Your guests will be in awe after seeing these b-boys sick moves and fly style.

You can also hire our b-boys to help kick your party up and get everyone on the dance floor. They will teach your guests some moves, lead dances and help keep the dance floor packed!

B-boy Motivators:

Professionally trained dancers who are experienced at not only dancing and having sick moves but getting your guests up and dancing as well.

Hip Hop and Break Dance Shows:

A 15 min break out presentation in the middle of the dance floor with sliding, wind mills, head spinning, popin, locking and dropping! After the presentation the dancers will motivate guests to get up and teach them simple moves they can try out. 

Hip Hop and Break Dance, Dance Party:

Our troop will come in and teach your group the basics of hip hop and break dancing. We will supply the dancers, MC and DJ and have anywhere from 2 to 2,000 kids and adults on there way to becoming killer b-boy dancers by the end.

Digital Bboy Hip Hop Break Dancing Workshop:

The Magical Memories Entertainment b-boy master will teach your guests the basics of hip hop and break dancing. Once everyone has the basics we will lead them through a full break dance routine and end with a fun dance party!

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