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 Animal Friends

Slithering...  Slimy...  Soft...

Cute...  Cuddly…

Our “Animal Friends” programs are hands-on, fun and educational, appropriate for children of all ages. No traveling required, we bring the animals to you! Using a variety of reptiles, amphibians, mammals and insects, we discuss similarities and differences between species, habitats, locomotion, diet, survival techniques, adaptations and more. Programs are tailored to the specific ages and abilities of the children. Children and adults are encouraged to participate at their own comfort level.

In Person Hands On Program:

A one hour hands on program for smaller groups (max 25 kids and if you have a larger group we can split them into smaller groups according to age). This is a hands on critter experience where the kids get to touch all of the animals and see up close up different reptiles, amphibians and bugs while learning about their species, diet, habitat, adaptations.

Social Distancing Meet My Friends:

With larger groups or just for social distancing reasons we can present large reptiles and amphibians for all the kids to see from the "stage". The animals are presented one at a time and everyone gets to all learn about their species, diet, habitat and adaptations. At the end of the program we may even show one of the animals eating which is always a great thrill.

Virtual Magical Memories Animal Adventure:
This is a 60 min in depth critter experience where participants get to see cool and exciting animals up close. Our staff will present the animals one at a time and will show participants these cool creatures while discussing their species, diet, habitat and adaptations.

Intimate Zoom Animal Sanctuary Virtual Visits:
Zoom into a real life animal sanctuary with animals from around the world. Our wildlife experts take participants on a guided tour of their real life animal sanctuary and will introduce them to a wide variety of different animals they have adopted and raised. This is a 60 min in depth wildlife experience where you get to come up close to some exotic animals you may never have seen before.

Animal Friends
Virtual Animal Shows
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