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Side Show Acts

Mingling Feats of Freak

Come One… Come All… Step Right Up…

Come see the Magical Memories Sideshow full of super human oddities. From contortion and the strong man to the human block head and the glass walker, you and your guests will be astonished by these amazing and often cringe worthy skills. Our sideshow performers are perfect for stage show presentations or for strolling entertainment.

These entertainers have been training for years to execute real stunts that put their bodies to the limit. Nothing you will see is a trick or an illusions, just decades of training to allow for these seemingly impossible acts to happen right in front of your eyes.

Popular sideshow stunts:

Human Block Head, Glass Walking, Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Human Pincushion, Contortion, Snake Charmer, Human Rat Trap, Glass Eating, Sword Swallowing, Tearing a Phone Book or Deck of Cards, Blowing Up A Hot Balloon, Bending a Metal Bar

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