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Costumed Characters

Costumed Character Appearances

Magical Memories offers some of the top quality license free characters from legends, folklore and fairy tales. Our character performers are all screened and trained before ever doing an event. Our team is super engaging and are sure to engage and entertain your guests.

Zoom Character Meet and Greet: (Virtual)

  • Hosting a virtual birthday or celebration and want to have a surprise guest zoom in? Hire our virtual character meet and greet. Your guests can have a live video call with your character of choice where our characters can run activities, help sing happy birthday and even do a question and answer session.

In-Person Options:

Curbside Character Visits: (Social Distancing)

  • We are offering in person real life character visits where you can have your favorite character come visit at a safe distance.

Costumed Character Dance Parties:

Costumed Character Appearances:

  • Character appearances are when our characters come in for a visit and pose for pictures, give high fives, hugs and can participate in fun activities that are going on. This is also the perfect option to add on to a community event or to help build traffic to a store.

Magician, Balloons and Costumed Character:

  • 40 min interactive comedy magic show, balloon animals for up to 25 kids and a 30 min character dance party.


Character, Balloon Twisting and/or Face Painting:

  • 1 person: 30 min dance party 30 min face painting or balloon twisting (10-15 kids)

  • 1 person: 30 min dance party 60 min face painting OR balloon twisting (15 - 20 kids)

  • 1 person: 30 min dance party 60 min face painting AND 60 min balloon twisting (15 - 20 kids)

Magic, Balloon Animals, Face Painting & Character:

  • 40 min interactive comedy magic show

  • 20 min balloon twisting

  • 1 hour of face painting

  • 60 min costumed character dance party



"Magical Memories Entertainment only offers license free characters and makes no claims to offer any copywritten or licensed characters. The characters we offer come from legends, folklore and fairy tales that are in the public domain. Any resemblance to copyrighted or licensed characters is purely incidental and unintentional. All costumes we use are unique. We are not associated with any large companies or theme parks and make no claims to be so. We are purely a private acting and entertainment company providing talent based services for small private functions. Magical Memories is not responsible for claims of 3rd parties as to the status of the characters we offer."

Zoom Character Visits
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