Contactless Tag Games

Magical Memories Entertainment is offering contactless tag games like Laser Tag, Water Tag and Nerf War. We will setup a dynamic battle filed with inflatable obstacle and provide all of the necessary equipment.

All of our equipment is sanitized after every use and we offer contactless deliver and setup.

We also offer masked distance referees to help coordinate games and manage who is in and who is out.

We offer 3 different fun tag activities:

1. Mobile Laser Tag:
LAST MAN STANDING! 12 players split into teams 2 - 4 teams battle until one team is left!

What You Get:

  • Equipment for 12 players per round

  • Game play usually lasts 10 - 15 min per round

  • 10 light-weight inflatable obstacles

  • 4 team options with LED team indicator lights

  • Futurist looking guns with active response

  • Multiple sound effects let you know when you're hit

  • 3 light life indicator letting you know how many lives you have left

    • Each player has 9 lives (1 light= 3 lives) for each battle

  • Max strike distance of 130 feet

  • Single shot, burst shot, semi auto or rocket launcher gun options

Laser tag is suitable for ages 8 and up. Electricity is not required during the game, but will be required before the game to fill obstacles (regular 110-volt plug).

2. Water Tag:
Our Water Tag is a fun system that allows your campers to have a blast getting each other soaked while being able to see who is getting hit the most. Each person is equipped with a fast filling water launcher and a water tag vest. As plays get soaked their water tag indicator will go up. We bring extra water blasters so that even counselors can get in on the fun!

What is included:

  • 20 water launchers

  • 20 water tag vests

  • 4 sixty gallon water bins

  • 12 light-weight inflatable barriers

  • Game Play Lasts 10 -15 min.

Water tag is suitable for ages 6 and up.

3. Nerf War:
Magical Memories offers a super fun Nerf War! The Magical Memories team will set up a dynamic battle field with inflatable and static barriers for your campers to use as cover during the Nerf war! Campers are equipped with easy to handle pump action Nerf guns so even the youngest of campers can handle them and no one ever has to worry about running low on juice. In addition to the Nerf guns we will provide safety googles and team colored vests for each player. We can play free for all, last man standing, capture the flag or highest base count. This activity is meant for kids 7 and up.

What's Included:

  • - Game play for up to 20 plays

  • - 20 Primary Guns

  • - 20 Safety goggles

  • - 20 Team color vest

  • - 200 Foam bullets

  • - 7 - 10 Barriers

  • - 2 Referees

Electricity is not required during the game, but will be required before the game to fill obstacles.