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Children's DJs
The dream that most parents, camp directors and anyone who is having a party is to have all their guests laughing and having fun. The only entertainment that can get ALL YOUR GUESTS INVOLVED AT THE SAME TIME is the Magical Memories Interactive DJ.

We Offer 4 Different Programs:
1. DJ Dance Party
2. Pump It Up Program
3. Rock Star Karaoke Party
4. DJ Dance Foam Party
DJ Dance Party: The DJ Dance Party program brings in one person who will run both the music and the interactive dances. This program sticks to the basics and will get your kids taking part in well-known dances such as: The Cotton Eye Joe, Cha Cha Slide and YMCA. In addition the DJs will run some fun traditional games such as freeze dance and limbo.

The Pump It Up Program: The Pump It Up program brings in a highly trained DJ who will run a flawless mix of popular music that is all clean edited AND a top of the line MC who not only will teach classic group dances but lead them in off the cuff follow along dances and get everyone on their feet and happily interacting nonstop!

Rock Star Karaoke Party: The Rock Star Party consists of one of our expert Karaoke DJs coming in to make your party rock! Who doesn’t love to sing along to their favorite songs? We offer the most popular songs over the generations that have been specially re-recorded with the main vocal track taken out, but with all the backup vocals and music present. As the song is playing, our setups have a screen where the words come up in sync with the music and you simply sing along. Karaoke can make everyone a star! When you’re not singing, the DJ will keep the party going by playing music from our vast music library to keep everyone dancing and having a good time

DJ Foam Dance Party: The DJ Foam party is similar to our DJ Dance Party but we add FOAM. We bring in a full DJ setup with a professional DJ to play music, interactive dances and games while we have 4 machines shoot out foam on stop 6 to 12 feet from the DJ setup. Our foam is perfect for indoor and outdoor events. Creating an awesome effect that leave no residue and is dry when you touch it!

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