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Artistic Favors
Airbrush Apparel
Airbrush apparel has become one of the most popular party favors around and is perfect for your event. Your guests can choose from pre-made designs, their name, or a free hand design based on your guest’s requests.
Calligraphy is a beautiful style of writing that our artists will use to put your guest's name, a saying, or a word in Chinese. Generally these pieces are drawn on a colorful paper and mounted on a black matted, 8 by 10 inches frame. Calligraphy can also be done on Fans, Chinese Lanterns, Key chains, T-Shirts, Hats, Squishy Pillows and many other items. 
Dough Sculpture
Let our artists delight guests’ imaginations by crafting animals, flowers and most anything else from a wide selection of colorful dough. When the creations are completed they are placed into on a base and affixed in a display case.
Marker Art
Marker art is fun, quick and allows for greater detail then other artistic party favors. Our artists will use a wide array of different colors to design cool graffiti style drawing using your guests names. These pieces of art can be put on a wide array of clothing, mugs, sports and almost anything that can be drawn on!
Name Panting
These name panting artists will take your guests name and create a customized work of art around it. Your guests not only choose the name that the artist will use but can also choose the colors and design. There is an extensive selection of themed backgrounds to fit everyone's style. Each Name Painting comes with 32 by 10 inches custom made picture, a matted and mounted frame and a protective wrap.
Origami Artists
Origami is an excellent party favor for your next event. Traditional Origami designs take a matter of minutes to complete and can be fun and silly. Modular Origami designs can take longer but can be truly amazing. Your guests can select their favorite color to be folded into a wide array of different animals, shapes and designs.
Paper Cuttings
A Paper Cutting Artist can expertly transform plain colored paper into charming pictures. Guests can pick the animal or object they want, and their choice of colored paper and our artists will create a fun work of art that they can take home. Each completed piece comes in a matted frame. Our artists can also create silly paper plate art which can be made into crazy hats and more!
Ring Bling
Everyone has a cell phone now so what better party favor than to bling out their phone! Our artists will bring a wide variety of cool bling to decorate your guests cell phones with. Your guests can choose from a selection of designs that fit their style.
Sand Art
Magical Memories brings a favorite beach past time to the modern age with Sand Art! Our staff will bring in a large selection of brightly colored sands and a variety of funky containers. Guests have their choice of peace signs, hearts, dolphins, and more to hold their designs in. Each piece can also be transformed into a portable necklace with a colorful cord.
Silhouette Artists
Silhouettes are a fun activity that almost every child gets to do in school but there is nothing like having a professional silhouette done. It is something that your guests will keep forever. Now these adorable remembrances have been elevated to a elegant art form. Your guests will love having the ability to take home a one of a kind keepsake from your event.
Spray Can Artists
This is a cutting edge artistic party favor that has a universal connection with all ages and is guaranteed to have your guests amazed! These artistic designs take from 5 – 10 minutes to create and each guests can take home a one of a kind piece of art from your event that will hang on their wall for years to come!

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